Welcome Letter

President’s message:

Dear delegates and friends of Kabul Model United Nations,
As the President of the Kabul Model United Nations, I would like to welcome you to our website.
Kabul MUN seeks to bring together motivated and talented delegates from all across the world and provide a forum for meaningful debate on issues significant to the international community. Kabul Model United Nations Conference is an opportunity for every young diplomat to gain insight into the art of diplomacy, understand the value of collaboration and compromise, build skills in public speaking, leadership, research, debate and teamwork. Perhaps even perfecting a second language, which is an international language. And how not to mention all the elite young leaders you will meet! People who share your same interests.
This year, the first Kabul MUN conference will be held with 160 delegates in four committees, which is the first world-class conference of its kind in Afghanistan. Kabul MUN will be as engaging, organized, and committed as any international conference.
At Kabul MUN, we aim to be one such platform for enthusiastic young diplomats and leaders to come together for change, with the slogan “A chance for change”, and focus on issues that matter, not just as leaders of tomorrow, but more as young leaders of today.
Kabul MUN is something bigger than just a conference or a team, it is a family, it is a reunion of friends and it’s a community of young diplomats and leader, who will make the world a better place.
As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. The entire staff of Kabul MUN and I are committed to creating a dynamic and educational opportunity for youth from around the world. It is my pleasure to welcome you, young diplomats and leaders, to be a part of the Kabul MUN family!
Mohammad Yahya Qanie
Kabul Model United Nations

Secretary General’s Message;

Dear All,
It is an honor and a privilege for me to invite you to the inaugural edition of Kabul Model United Nations Conference 2016 to be held at Kabul, Afghanistan.
Afghanistan has been a crucial subject and a stakeholder in the international community with the youth of the country being extremely passionate to initiate a global discourse on politics and international relations.
Kabul MUN is our attempt to create a platform from students and professionals to gather in the beautiful capital city of Afghanistan, where ideas of peace, human rights, development will be discussed and new relationships and partnerships will be fostered between the future leaders of the world. I have been closely working with the Secretariat members who not only wish to provide the opportunity to the youth to be change makers but also invite prospective participants from all across the world to visit the wonderful city of Kabul.
The world community has always recognized the importance of the youth of Kabul and their future role in rebuilding and development of Afghanistan and Kabul MUN 2016 is a step in that direction, which needs the global support for its success.
As a part of the Kabul MUN initiative, we are also reaching out to young students across Afghanistan to teach them Public Speaking, Model UN and Debate to enable them to participate in not only Kabul MUN but to take this legacy forward.
I invite you to be a part of the conference, as delegates, executive board members, volunteers, partners and mentors and contribute to our attempt at youth and gender empowerment in Afghanistan.
Looking forward to meeting you all at Kabul.

Keshav Gupta
Secretary General
Kabul Model United Nations Conference 2016